The Oasis One-Twelve Hydration System is now available in additional colors.

Select one of the pre-packaged systems or mix and match from the available colors.
Select your tube color, directional sheath, and caps.
Send us an email to verify availability before placing your order.

Additional cap colors available, scroll to bottom of page.

The original System in classic blue - This color option is sold out - no longer available.

DSCN1537 v2
New bottle graphics and more color options.
Clear, platinum, and twinkle (blend of clear and platinum) directional sheath
Gray/Silver caps

Clear/Blue – Choose blue, white or clear caps

Clear/Carbon – Choose white, back or clear caps

Clear/Ogre – Choose green or black caps

Clear/Pink – Choose pink caps or white caps

Clear/Red – Choose red or white caps

Clear/Black – Choose black, white or clear caps – Default color option.

Clear/White – Choose white, red, blue, black, green, pink, or clear caps

TCSD (Triathlon Club of San Diego) Special Edition – Clear/White with orange or
light blue caps.

New TCSD bottle graphics.

Additional cap colors choices
Clear caps - Only 3 sets in stock

Black with red, blue or yellow

Medium blue, purple, or transparent Blue

Contact with any questions.