The Oasis One-Twelve system Contains:
Two, 30 ounce clear “Big Mouth” bottles.
All necessary tubing and bite valve.
Directional sheath, fittings, connectors, reusable straps and tube cleaning brush.
A detailed visual installation guide is also included.
The Oasis One-Twelve system does not contain bottle cages or racks.

Please supply your color preference for the caps and directional sheath.
If no color(s) supplied, you will receive the default of black and black.

NOTE: The 30 oz bottles are 10" tall (including cap) and may not fit when installing on the seat post of some "small" bike frames.

You obtain separately YOUR choice of bottle cage rack and cage(s)
to complete the Ultimate Hands-Free Hydration System, Oasis One-Twelve.

The benefit of
YOU supplying YOUR own bottle cage rack and cage(s),
YOU choose from all available brands, product material
(carbon, aluminum, plastic, titanium... etc), style and cost.

Total weight of the System is 222 grams before trimming to fit your specific set up.

  • No more reaching to replace water bottles!
  • Start off with 60 oz. of your own “special hydration formula.”
  • Keeps handle bar area free for computer, heart rate monitor or food storage.
  • Interchangeable installation, dual and single bottle set up.
  • Place behind the seat for optimal aerodynamic position.
  • Ideal for training, short and long course races.
  • Compatible with drop bars and/or aero bars.
  • No more reaching for bottles from bike frame or behind seat.
  • Bike frame mountable (may not fit small frames).
  • Spill and splash proof.
  • Easy assembly with visual installation guide.

Limited edition Tri Club of San Diego colors - contains 2, 24 oz. bottles. Now with updated graphics.

Do you have special bottles?
Oasis One-Twelve can convert them to work with this system (e-mail before sending bottles)

Contact with any questions.