Oasis One-Twelve, The Ultimate Hands-Free Hydrations System

No more reaching to replace water bottles!

How Does it Works?
With the Oasis special bottles placed behind the seat or on the frame and all other components installed,
hydrating becomes “Hands-Free”.

The rider draws fluid from a bite valve, with minimal suction.

The bite valve is attached at the end of the re-positionable drinking tube that is attached to special Oasis bottles.

The drinking tube runs along the bike’s frame and runs up thru the handle bar/stem area.

The re-positionable drinking tube can be maneuvered into a precise “hands-free”
drinking position while maintaining an aero or semi-aero riding position.

The Oasis One-Twelve Hydration System is Customizable
Install behind the seat, on the bike frame, single bottle or dual bottle system.
Installation is interchangeable.

Dual Bottle Set-Up and Single Bottle Single Bottle Set-Up options

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